We design website that drive results.

Fast, installable and engaging - that work without data or network connection.

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Why it matters

Your customers and prospects live in a world where everything works faster, from cars to computers and mobile phones, the Internet is not left behind.

We all want website that loads fast, has good user interface with useful information when we need to make informed decision about a service or product.

simtech creative user journey from search term to conversion
How it affects your brand

Mobile-friendly website with intuitive and easy to navigate user interface (IU) empowers your customers, especially when it loads fast, has helpful information and communicates your brand effectively.

It’s estimated Google processes approximately 5.6 billion search queries per day.

This mind-blowing data means Google owns more than 92% of the global search engine market, including 72% of the desktop and 92% of the mobile search engine market.

Businesses that recognise the opportinities in this data, and optimise their websites to be mobile-friendly, fast loading and rank on Google's first page when customers search for terms relative to their businesses have ultimately position themselves for brand recognition, revenue and huge market share in their niche.

According to Google/Deloitte - Improving website load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%. What this simply means is that more website visitors will turn into customers when a site loads fast.

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Our website design goal

Our goal is to help brands design Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - Fast loading, engaging and installable (like native apps) websites that work without data or network connection, and drive business results.

Our website design process

We apply design thinking to create Portfolio, Online Store/Ecommerce, Intranet portal, UI & UX that win poeples' hearts.

Step 1 – We learn
We start with the client – Understanding the client's business and objectives, review brand assets and existing website (if any), research client's industry and target audience, and communicate findings to align goals.

Step 2 – Design strategy
We creat design thinking strategy that drive results - We ideate, sketch, create wireframe, low-fidelity to hi-fidelity, build prototypes, test and review the prototypes to ensure they meet client's requirements

Step 3 – Development
We start development after the website prototypes pass our quality control phase, while developing, we ensure everything is in place - layout, images, copies, colours, fonts, calls-to-action (CTA), and integrate APIs.

Step 4 – Delivery
We test, debug and optimise all the website contents to ensure it passes the core web vitals before delivering the project to the client because we want every website we design to drive results for our clients.

We follow best web practices to achieve this goal, our website is a classic example of Progressive Web App (PWA) - it loads fast, accessible without data or network connection, installable like native app, and optimised for search engines to crawl and index easily.

Screenshots of our Progressive Web App (PWA) are added for your viewing pleasure below:

simtech creative web app installation prompt for android device and windows laptop

Our PWA installation prompt.

simtech creative web app installed in an android device and a windows laptop

Our PWA fully installed.

simtech creative web app being launched in flight mode from an android device and a windows laptop

Our PWA being launched in flight mode (without network connection).

simtech creative web app fully launched in flight mode from an android device and a windows laptop

Our PWA fully launched in flight mode with all contents accessible.

simtech creative web app google page speed test for mobile and desktop

Our PWA speed test result - Google PageSpeed Insights

simtech-creative web app google web dev test for mobile and desktop

Our PWA Core Web Vitals test result - Google web.dev

These are data-driven facts, see it for yourself, turn off your data or network connection and refresh your browser, our web app contents will still be available, you can revisit the pages you visited before you turned off your data or network connection, everything is still accessible without offline because we want you to have an engaging experience.

Remember we also sent you a prompt to install (add to home screen) our web app earlier, this feature enables our website to be installable like native app with a small file size of less that 1MB without you navigating to Google Play Store or Apple Store.
You can also test our website speed for yourself on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Are you ready to optimise your existing website or get a new web app that drive results?

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