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Simtech Creative™ is an award-winning web design company in Nigeria

We help businesses in Nigeria design beautiful, mobile-friendly websites:
  • Fast and secure
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Conversion/SEO ready
  • Installable like Apps
  • With bright/dark themes

simtech creative website design illustration

We're your web design partner in Warri, Nigeria

Simtech™ is an award-winning web designer in Warri, Nigeria.
We design beautiful, fast and secure website that that meet your needs and drive business results.

From strategy to development and hosting, our team of experienced UI/UX designers who specialized on corporate websites, eCommerce stores and web apps will work collaboratively with you to create a website solution that improve your online visibility, communicate your brand message and achieve your business goals.

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Why website design matters?

Today, more than 90% of consumers use the Internet to look for products or services that your business offer. Gone are the days when people travel to stores and offices before making decisions about products and services.

This shift is challenging businesses and companies of all sizes in Nigeria, and around the world to adapt, and innovate by building visually appealing, fast, and accessible websites that tell their brand story and delight their target audience.

What you can do?

As a business or company in Nigeria, understanding consumer behavior, and providing a helpful, interactive, and seamless web experience along the customer journey is critical to your sustainability and growth in today's digital world.

Having a user-friendly, fast and accessible website that effectively communicates who you are, what you do, and why you are the best choice will help you reach a wider audience, improve your brand reputation, and converts leads to customers for you.

Pryce Ferdinand website home page
Bespoke mobile-friendly and accessible website we designed for Pryce Ferdinand - scroll the phone screen laptop screen to see more

Why you need a mobile-friendly and optimised website

Mobile-friendly, fast-loading and optimized website will increase your ranking in search results, generate more leads and drive sales for your business.

According to research -

  • 91% of consumers use the internet to look for local goods or services - Verisign
  • 90% of the world’s population uses mobile device in 2021, (That’s 7.1 billion users) - Statista
  • 84% of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page - Verisign
  • Nearly 60% of web users say they expect a website to load on their mobile phone in 3 seconds or less - Web Performance Guru
  • 48% of consumers said that if a site didn't work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn't care about their business - Think with Google
Work Horse Progressive Web App
Beautiful, fast-loading and installable web app we designed for Work Horse Tech Ltd

Simtech Creative™ web design goal

As a top website design and development company in nigeria, our goal is to help you design progressive web apps - Fast-loading, accessible, and secure websites with bright/dark mode, that work across all devices, and installable like mobile app.

We believe businesses can have beautiful, mobile-friendly website that deliver seamless web experience, tell their brand story and drive results.

Mobile-friendly, secure and adaptive website design
Mobile-friendly, secure and adaptive website we designed for Collective Power Limited

Our website design and hosting services

Our professional website design and development solutions are tailored to meet your business needs, helping you boost your online visibility, communicate your brand message to your target audience and drive growth.

We offer SSL certificate and cloud web hosting solutions to ensure your website is deployed, hosted, and managed in a cloud web server that delivers 99.9% uptime, reliable performance and privacy protection.

We also offer domain name purchase to help you get SEO friendly domain for your business, or migrate your existing domain and website to your our cloud hosting services to ensure your website performs better, and always available online. Additionally, we can setup a domain-based email address of your chosen (for example, info@yourwebsite.com) to enable you communication with your customers with a branded email.

Our comprehensive web solutions, customer centered, and design thinking approach, make us the best web design company in Nigeria for your business.

Below is a list of our website design, development and hosting services

  • UI/UX design
  • Landing page design
  • Corporate website design
  • Web app development
  • E-commerce website
  • WordPress website design
  • Website optimization
  • API and payment integration
  • SSL certificate and website hosting
Web design discovery session

Stage 1 – We learn

We don't assume we know everything, we humbly discuss with the client to understand their needs and business goals, and explore possible solutions.

Upon reaching a clear understanding, then agreement on project scope, investment, and duration follows.

Web development

Stage 3 – Web development and hosting

During this stage, we develop the website from the prototype with modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, PHP MySQL WordPress etc.

We maintain hierarchy to properly position and align every content on your website, from page layouts, images, texts and colours to CTAs, and ensure everything works smoothly across all browsers and devices.

We deploy and host your website in our cloud server to ensure 99.9% uptime, reliable performance and privacy protection. We also setup domain-based email address for you (optional).

Then, setup structured data to improve your website SEO, connect Analytics to track performance and integrate other APIs to extend the functionalities when necessary.

Website delivery

Stage 4 – Test, optimization and delivery

We run performance, accessibility, SEO, best practice and progessive web app tests using modern web testing tools including W3C Validators, PageSpeed Insights, Wave Web Accessibility Tools to ensure it passes Core Web Vitals.

Note: You can review and recommend changes at every stage before the final website project is delivered because we want your website to meet your needs and drive business results.

Some of our website design projects

We have helped businesses and companies in Warri, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and other parts of Nigeria design beautiful, accessible and secure corporate websites, eCommerce stores and web apps that tell their brand stories and achieve their goals.

Hear what our clients say

Hear what Dr Victor Adama, of Petvilla Veterinary Consults in Warri, Nigeria says about us.
Hear what Esther Ojanomare, of Estacy Hair in Accra, Ghana says about us.

We are a complete digital agency, we can also work with you to design a good logo for your business, build a memorable brand that win your customers' hearts, and create multi-channel digital marketing campaigns to generate leads and drive sales for you.

We are ready to help your design a mobile-friendly website or optimise your existing website to drive results. My only question is, are you ready?

Yes, I'm ready