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Client background

Pryce Ferdinand Engineering Nigeria Limited is an indigenous engineering company offering engineering design, fabrication, sandblasting and painting, galvanization, valve calibration and re-certification, scaffolding, leasing of equipment, general supplies and procurement services to Nigeria's oil and gas industry.

What we did

Logo redesign
Brand guidelines
Website design

Client insight

Pryce Ferdinand needed a versatile brand identity and user-friendly website to enable them to communicate their message to customers and partners, as well as attract new clients through an enriched digital experience.

Their former logo complex and tried to communicate too many things - A workbench, bar, and the company's acronym "PFENL".

It also had many inharmonious colours (orange, burnt orange, grey, red, and black), and it was very difficult to apply the logo across different platforms or pair it with the brand name “Pryce Ferdinand Engineering Nigeria Limited”.

Anatomy of Pryce Ferdinand former logo
Anatomy of Pryce Ferdinand former logo
Pryce Ferdinand former brand identity
Pryce Ferdinand former brand identity
Adaptability test of the former logo
Background adaptability test of the former logo

Our solution

We had discussions with Mr. Iguodala Bright, director of Pryce Ferdinand to clearly understand the company's culture, their business goals and how we can help them get the desired results.

After reviewing their existing logo and other brand assets, and researching their industry to get more insights, we created a data-driven strategy for the new brand identity and website.

The logo we design for Pryce Ferdinand is simple, memorable, and distinct. It consists of perfectly crafted letters “F" and “P” with consistent negative space that work in harmony to create a powerful brand identity that will endure for a long time.

For the website, we went from ideation and building of the site map, to sketching the user flow of the website to ensure it is easy to navigate and delivers a good user experience.

Then we moved on to design prototypes, and build the website using modern web programming technologies including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, and JSON. We also set up structured data and embed Google Maps.

Website Design

Progressive Web App (PWA) - Installed on mobile phone
Pryce Ferdinand website ui design
Pryce Ferdinand Eng. Ltd homepage
Pryce Ferdinand homepage - scroll the phone screen laptop screen to see more
Pryce Ferdinand Eng. Ltd homepage with dark mode enabled
Scroll the phone screen laptop screen - Dark theme enabled.
PWA quality score - Google
Mobile dark theme enabled Navigation and performance score - Core Web Vitals
Email verification using OTP, button or link
Home page with Dark Theme enabled user interface (UI).
Registration page with RSA ID number validated
Services page user interface (UI).
RSA ID verification and Flutterwave payment gateway
Projects page user interface (UI).
Successful RSA ID verification and registration
Contact page user interface (UI).

The Result

Pryce Ferdinand Engineering Nigeria Limited now has a new powerful brand identity, and a user-friendly website.

The new brand identity is simple, distinct and versatile, it works accross all applications - digital and print.

The website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) - Fast, accessible, and secure website with bright and dark themes, installable on mobile/computer, and works across all browsers. It was also optimized for Google Search and Bing Search to rank high and display rich results.

You can visit Pryce Ferdinand's website -

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