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Simtech Creative™ is an award-winning branding company in Nigeria

We help businesses in Nigeria design and build memorable brands:
  • Branding strategies
  • Good logos
  • Brand manuals
  • Marketing collateral
  • Product branding

Simtech Creative™ brand design illustration

We're your branding partner in Warri, Nigeria

Simtech™ is an award-winning branding company in Warri, Nigeria.
We create strategy, design , build memorable brand that win people's.

From valuable insights to strategy, design, messaging, our team of experienced strategist and designers apply design thinking, customer centered and facilitated framework to help you clarify your needs, articulate your brand, map your customer journey, and communicate in a way that resonates with your target audience.

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Why branding matters?

Consider this: When you want to buy a car, what product comes to your mind? Perhaps Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, or BMW?

When it's time to buy a phone, do you think of Apple, Samsung, or Infinix?

These considerations illustrate that consumers often make choices based on the reputation and association of brands, not just the products or services themselves.

Fertil24 Fermedies product branding
Product branding for Fertil24 - Port Harcourt, Nigeria

What you can do?

A strong and well-defined brand strategy is the foundation upon which a successful business is built. In a crowded marketplace like Nigeria, where consumers have many choices, your brand can be the differentiating factor that sets you apart from competitors.

You can harness the transformative power of branding to build your business to hold a distinct place in customer's hearts, influence their purchase decisions, and command premium price for your products or services.

Work Horse Progressive Web App
Brand identity and application design for Faychees - Abuja, Nigeria

Why you need to be intentional about building your brand

Your brand it not just your fancy logo, catchy tagline, or quality product; it's about the emotional connection your business makes, the trust that it evokes, and the lasting impression it creates in the minds of your customers.

Whether you are selling a luxury car, smartphone, or any other product or service, a well-crafted brand strategy ensures that your business is the first choice that comes to mind when people think about anything relating to your product or services. So, investing in branding is an investment in your company's future.

According to research -

  • 77% of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as they do - Havas Group.
  • 70% of users say it’s important for brands to offer a personalized experience - Stackla report
  • 89% of people are likely to purchase again after a positive brand experience - Salesforce Research
  • 55% of brand first impressions are visual, and color increases brand recognition by up to 80% - Exploding Topics
  • Brand consistency across platforms increases revenue by up to 23% - Forbes
Simtech Creative™ branding framework
Simtech Creative™ branding framework

Simtech Creative™ branding goal

As a top logo design and branding company in nigeria, our branding goal is to help you build a great brand that makes meaningful connection, creates positive impact, and fosters customers' loyalty.

We believe businesses can build brands that drive growth and make the world a better through the power of storytelling, visuals, and experiences.

Our logo design and branding services

Our professional logo design and branding solutions are tailored to meet your business needs, helping you find your voice, connect emotionally with your target audience, and achieve sustainable growth.

We offer brand strategy to enable you nail your brand heart and values, and build a solid foundation for your business. We facilitiate brand naming to ensure your business name is easy to remember, pronounced by human and online bots, and resonate with your audience. We design brand guidelines (brand style guide, brand manuals) to ensure your brand is visually consistent across all your marketing platforms.

We also design and print marketing materials like business card, letterhead, company brochure, annual report, dairy, product packaging to enable you tell your brand story.

We can help you launch (activate) and market your product and services online using social media marketing and PPC advertising to reach your target audience, and drive business growth.

Our comprehensive branding solutions, customer centered, and design thinking approach, make us the best branding company in Nigeria for your business.

Below is a list of our strategy, logo design, and branding services

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand naming & messaging
  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines design
  • Design of marketing materials
  • Product design
  • Brand marketing
  • Brand audit
  • CAC business registration

Our strategy and branding process

We apply design thinking, customer centered and facilitated framework to help you clarify your needs, articulate your brand, map your customer journey, and design a powerful brand identity that align with your aspirations to achieve sustainable growth.

Brand discovery session

Stage 1 – Discovery session

Our discovery process starts by gathering ideas and insights, existing programs, stakeholder input, and industry trends into an engaging and interactive meeting with the client to gain deeper understanding of your brand and business goals.

This approach accelerates the strategic process and help build consensus throughout the entire engagement.

Branding strategy

Stage 2 – Design strategy

Together, using design thinking, customer centered and facilitated framework, we clarify your needs and pain points, articulate the brand, map out your customer journey, prioritize your goals and develop strategy that aligns with your business aspirations.

Brand design and development

Stage 3 – Look, feel and sound of your brand

We develop the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of your brand: its personality, functionality, and physical traits. Through strategic use of visual, language and experiences, we ensure these attributes effectively communicate your brand's essence, from logo design to brand guidelines, marketing collateral, product packaging and copywrite.

Brand massaging

Stage 4 – Brand messaging

We create marketing campaigns to communicate your brand's unique message in a way that resonates with your target audience. Leveraging multiple customer touch point such as business cards, brochures, videos, social media marketing and beautiful, mobile-friendly website to create brand awareness, build reputation and grow your business.

You can review and recommend changes at every stage before the final branding project is concluded because we want your brand to drive results.

Some of our branding projects

We have helped businesses in Warri, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and other parts of Nigeria create data-driven strategy, design good logo, build memorable brand that win people's hearts and move businesses forward.

Hear what our clients say

Hear what Esther Ojanomare, of Estacy Hair in Accra, Ghana says about us.
Hear what Joy Uzo, of House of Style in Warri, Nigeria says about us.

We are a complete digital agency, we can also work with you to design a beautiful, mobile-friendly website that communicate your brand message to your target audience, and create result-driven digital marketing campaigns to generate leads and drive sales for you.

We are ready to help you build a memorable brand that win your customers' hearts and drive business growth. My only question is, are you ready?

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