Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprises

Branding & digital marketing

Client background

Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprise is a Nigerian civil engineering company that provides architectural design, civil enginering, project management and aluminum fabrication services to both individuals and businesses.

What we did

Brand identity
Business card
Staff ID card
Branded vest
Company profile
Social media campaign

Client insight

Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprise needed to communicate their brand coherently to connect with their customers and prospects, they also wanted to promote their septic tank technology (Magic toilet) to attract new customers nationwide.

Our solution

Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprise collaborated with Simtech Creative to design their brand and marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, strengthen their marketing campaign to connect with existing customers and attract new customers for their septic tank technology(Magic toilet).

We worked closely with the director to understand his vision for the company and came up with the best approach to help them achieve their goals, we designed their logo, produced business card, flyer, company profile, Staff ID card, branded vex, and banner for onsite project execution. We also created social accounts for the company to enable them connect with customers and prospects, run paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns to create brand awareness and attract new lead for their septic tank technology (Magic toilet).

samtics project brand style guide
Brand style guide of Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprise
samtics project business card, id card & flyer design
Business card, ID card and flyer designs
samtics project profile design cover
Company profile design - cover page
samtics project profile design page1-2
Company profile design - page 1-2
samtics project profile design page3-4
Company profile design - page 3-4
samtics project profile design page5-6
Company profile design - page 5-6
samtics project business card
Printed business card
samtics project flyer
Printed flyer
samtics project safety vest
Branded safety vest
samtics project engineer on site with branded vest
Field workers with branded safety vest
samtics project septic tank installation
Field workers with branded safety vest
samtics project duplex printed banner3
Printed project banner
samtics project duplex printed banner3 onsite
Banner installed at project location
samtics project duplex printed banner2
Printed marketing banner
samtics project duplex printed banner2 onsite
Banner installed at the proposed location

The Result

The strategies were successful and their audience engagement with the brand collaterals was excellent, they closed more than four (4) septic tank deals from the social media sponsored ads amongst other deals for their other services, generated numerous leads and got their brand exposure to a larger audience, the branded safety vest added icing to the cake, their staff were easily recognized on and off site.

"Oh boy, the vest make sense oh, everywhere we go na so children dey shout 'Samtics Project, Samtics Project, Samtics Project', even for Aba sef, I really like am" Samson Preye Sylva - CEO Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprises.

Our tribe speaks

Thank you so much for the good work you did for us.
- Samson Preye Sylva,
Samtics Project Nigeria Enterprises.